NYAA’s Take Home a Nude Event

When I received the invite from a dear old friend for the “Take Home a Nude” event at the New York Academy of Arts I was beyond excited!  Especially because it was in honor of Francesco Clemente who is one of my favorite artists.  His work in Great Expectations with Gwyneth Paltrow and Ethan Hawke stood out to me, and really made the movie.  I was drawn to all the portraits and how captivating the actors’ expressions were in his paintings.  One of my many dreams is to own a painting by him or even have a self portrait done by such an amazing and inspiring artist.  His paintings, which range from tragic scenes to ironic self-portraits, begin with a pre-existing image.  Then then transforms the image’s meaning by using shifts both subtle and unpredictable.

Having experienced Art Barge this summer in Amanagasett with Sonya Chodry I definitely had a new appreciation for drawing nudes and art overall.   It was a true pleasure to experience this event with Sonya and catch up with my friend Helen.  I can’t wait to get out my black chalk and paper and practice my drawing again!

It was hard to believe that this art was delivered by students at NYAA!  Here are some of the fabulous pieces that caught my eye and a few snapshots from the event:

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