The {Mommy} Life: Gifts for Kids

Trying to finish up your shopping this weekend?  I’ve put together a list of gifts your kids will love, from the fun and adventurous to the scientific and artistic, to the most stylish, here are the best gifts this season for kids in New York City and elsewhere!

A New Style
Frank & Lu is a children’s clothing line that “incorporates a high degree of style with comfort built in,”  named after the designer’s children Frank and Lulu.  Lu went to Corlears school with my Sofia, and the dad/designer is kicking butt with this great line!  Meatpacking District’s Yoya is the spot to get rocker chic looks for kids.

Room Makeover
As our kids grow, their needs in a space and their interests change.  Every couple of years we spice up their rooms with some new colors or a new way to organize their things, and they find the changes exciting!  A new room!  This pinboard has some great ideas for ways to make your kids’ rooms new as a gift this season.

The Gift of Culture
Many of New York’s museums have fun things for kids to do, and plenty for kids in the gift shops as well!  Give one of these historic, scientific, or artistic gifts to your little ones, and take them to the museum for a special day out, too!

A Little Sparkle
The last thing kids want to open on Christmas is clothing…unless it’s something that’s really fun to wear!  Sequined Ugg boots are surely one of those things for girls!

The Gift of Adventure
I’m a big fan of the Adventure of Sophie and the City books.  The second one was just released and both are available online or at Barney’s.  A mini scooter from Kickboard USA is fun for both boys and girls and come in various sizes for all ages.  There’s even a mini macro 3-in-1 for your 3-5 year olds!

GOOP recently mentioned Hello Hanna‘s mini activity sets, sticker books and paper dolls.  They have plenty of fun designs for both boys and girls!

What They’re Asking For
New York Magazine has put a list together straight from kids’ mouths!  See what New York’s kids are asking for this year.

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