The {NoMad} Life: Q&A with Edition01 Founder Estefania Lacayo

Estefania Lacayo is the founder of one of my favorite online shopping sites,  Edition01 is the destination for innovative and exclusive product collaborations across fashion, lifestyle and art.  Estefania and her team work with the best international fashion and accessories designers, artists and creatives to bring the chicest of shoppers rare talent pairings and original style pieces.  Estefania’s business savvy isn’t the only thing that drew me to her.  She also captivated me with her great taste: in home decor (her own home displays a beautiful mix of organic pieces with sterling silver accents), in restaurants (read about her favorites below!) and the way she approaches life in New York as a celebration of creativity.

I chatted with Estefania recently over lunch at The Nomad and got to know what makes her New York Life so unique.


CSF: Your background in fashion branding lead you to cofound Edition01 with the goal for building the perfect wardrobe through limited edition capsule collection pieces. What has surprised you most since the launch of Edition01?
EL: What’s surprised me the most is how the business has evolved into something different than when we started. As an entrepreneur and co-founder of a business you have to be able to quickly make changes when they have to be done. Passion is also everything – it will get you far. The ups and downs are so extreme that passion is the only thing that will keep you going.

CSF: What is your dream collaboration?
EL: I love so many designers we haven’t yet collaborated like Oscar de la Renta, Giambattista Vali or Alaia.


CSF: What do you love most about calling New York home?

EL: Creative and interesting people you meet every day. You are constantly learning something new and that’s so exciting. I was born and raised in Nicaragua where your social circle is so small so its fun how in NY you meet new people all the time.

CSF: As summer approaches, we all have travel on our minds! What is your favorite getaway?
EL: The Hamptons. I love spending the summer weekends out there. We always rent a house in South Hampton.


CSF: What are your go-to spots in your neighborhood for fitness, food, fashion and fun?
EL: The Continental offers a fitness club spa that with pilates, yoga, and amazing massage – it’s so convenient that I just have to go downstairs. I buy most everything online, from groceries to art photography so I don’t really shop anywhere in the area – just the flower market. My favorite restaurant in the area is Ilili and The Nomad Hotel.

CSF: You live in the gorgeous Continental Building in Chelsea. What do you love most about your home there?

The natural light from tinted  floor-to-ceiling windows and the skyline views. My apartment has beautiful views of the Empire State Building, Hudson River, and East River which reminds me every day of the beautiful city we live in.

Estefania & Jessica Wilpon

(Estephania with her friend and Edition 01 partner, Jessica Wilpon.)


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An entrepreneur, innovator, and singularly successful real estate salesperson, fitness fiend, foodie, mommy, and fashion fan.

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