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Nike wear tracy Anderson method
Nike wear – tracy Anderson method

It’s 2014 and this year I started my new years resolution with Tracy Anderson at Good Morning America.  Here are is a clip from Good Morning America and Tracy Anderson’s 5 Head-to-Toe Moves for a New Body, New Year.

I have been working out at the Tracy Anderson Method Studio in Tribeca for more than 6 years.  Now there are more dance trends, yoga, spinning, than ever to enjoy a fit lifestyle.  It’s important to work out but what I’ve learned most about wellness is how you must be mindful of your nutrition as much as your workout.  After all you are what you eat.

Wellness is not all about excersise but also about how we eat.  How we fuel our bodies to work hard and play hard.  Living in NYC is not easy making wise choices.  Having access to the best restaurants can take a toll on your diet.


I am known to scarf down my food and often eat standing up because I’m so busy and now I’ve learned to be mindful by putting my fork down between bites and really savor and appreciate the food that I’m putting in my body.”


Every year I detox at least once. However, this past year I could have made better choices for my well being so I will be turning to The Clean Program.    One of my favorite go-to for repair and restoration is Dr. Junger, The Clean Program.  I have tried the Clean Program twice in my life and it’s really proved results for me not only in weight-loss but clarity and funtioning at my optimum best.  What I like about it most is the coach that you have access to when you need help on choosing the best foods in a restaurant menu. I also love the user friendly website and the community.  It’s educational and really helps you understand how your body works in detoxifying.


Water – Drink half your weight and just convert to ounces. Example if you are 120 pounds drink 60 ounces of water per day.


BE Fabulousfit inspiration 2014One of the styles in Active Wear that I can really appreciate is the clothes that get you from work to the gym to pick up kids at school.  One of my least favorite things is to carry a big gym bag and cause more damage to my posture in carrying a gym bag everywhere I go.  I’m also a die hard fan of print leggings.  Why not show the rock star you are at the gym, work or wherever you plan to be the best you can be. Kudos to Alexander McQueen making print leggings, Nike for it’s vintage shirts and great print leggings and Aviator Nation for making the softest and most chic sweats and the rest you can find at Net-a-Porter and on my Pinterest.



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