Cartagena Colombia, Discover the new travel HOT SPOT

Cartagena Colombia, Discover the new travel HOT SPOT


This holiday we decided to celebrate 2016 with our friends who invited us to Cartagena, we jumped on Jetblue and after a 5 hour flight were enjoying the vibrant culture of Cartagena Colombia.

IMG_3048 IMG_3524 IMG_3490

We stayed at the Radisson close to our friends who have a condo in La Boquilla. The hotel had a great pool overlooking La Boquilla beach. Although it wasn’t the beach we are all use to, and it was quite the experience to pay the locals for a beach chair, we truly enjoyed the warm water and the amazing sunsets.

IMG_4451 IMG_4432 IMG_4408 IMG_4103 IMG_4006 IMG_3905 IMG_3893 IMG_3891

We spent most of our time in El Puebloviejo, the old town. Here we discovered great shopping on the streets and I went craxy for the Pompom sandals and colorful Muchala’s. My favorite shops where CASA CHIQUI and ST. DOMS.

IMG_4050 IMG_4051 IMG_4101

We had delicious food at notable restaurants such as Alma, and I can honestly say I had the best gelato ever at crepes and waffles next to the Argentine restaurant Quebracho. We truly couldn’t get enough of the old town with its historic architecture, museums, horse carriage rides and great art.

IMG_3883 IMG_3479IMG_4215 sofitel_legend_santa_clara__hotel_06_03

We ventured out to San Felipe de Barajas Castle where we had an amazing tour guide give us all the history on Cartagena and got to go through amazing tunnels and some breathtaking views of the city. 

IMG_4197 IMG_4188 IMG_4182 IMG_4149 IMG_4081 IMG_4201

Our favorite day trips where to the 7 islands. We soaked up the sun and sea with the ultimate chill-out session in Manajagua in the Rosario Islands. Let Cartagena’s brilliant Caribbean archipelago be your world class oyster with a day trip to a laid-back, family-orientated beach resort that will more than live up to your Caribbean fantasies of platinum sands and crystalline waters.

IMG_4652 IMG_4585 IMG_4556 IMG_4553 IMG_4626 things_to_do_tours_islands_day_trip_07_02

For our next trip to Cartagena we will stay at Santa Clara or Santa Theresa and spend at least one night in Baru. We LOVE Colombia, please go to this amazing site to plan your trip

Enjoy all our photos! and remember its COLOMBIA not Columbia!









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