The { Travel } Life: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

The { Travel } Life:  Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
For spring break 2016, we decided to go on a Costa Rican Adventure:


Our trip to Santa Teresa beach on the Nicoya Peninsula started with 2 flights and an 1 hour truck drive – but it was truly worth it!

After renting ATV’s we started up the very LARGE hill to our first hotel, The Chill House Costa Rica.  Which was a little daunting.   Fortunately we booked 2 different hotels in the week.


The Chill House quite an adventure, its set in the middle of the Costa Rican forest a few miles up a dirt hill from the beach and town.  It was Eco chic aesthetic.

The sunsets in all the beaches at Santa Teresa were magical.  I will never forget the beauty we experienced.

The food in Costa Rica was outstanding! Our favorite breakfast spot, The Bakery with homemade yogurt and fresh fruit, Argentine specialties such as Alfajores and Sofia’s favorite Pizza Wednesdays.

After a few days at the Chill house, we moved to our private bungalow at Florblanca and meet with friends. We LOVED our stay Florblanca which is close to Hermosa Beach, where the forest jungle meets the ocean.  We loved watching the monkeys swing from tree to tree and iguanas running around in the sand.  The luscious landscape of Palm  trees and all different types of trees was just divine.   We had a hard time leaving….


There’s nothing like becoming one with nature. Loving these peaceful moments that I so much craved for.

We LOVED surfing with our french instructor, Audrey from Costa Rica Surf and Sup

We also had a blast swimming under the Montezuma waterfalls, hiking and going to the Higuera Tree.


One of the best vacations I have been on, we will return.claudia-signature







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