the { foodie } life: The Grand Banks Opening May 2016

The Grand Banks is back!

May 2016, we say hello to warm weather and Tribeca’s Grand Banks.  When my good friend Grace Chang (Mamaishaute) invited me to the Grand Banks opening hosted by Vanity Fair I jumped at the chance for sunset cocktails with our friends.  One of my favorite times of the day are sunsets and you can truly see the beautiful sunets at the Grand Banks with champagne in hand after a long day at work or weekend..


Showcasing wild-caught and sustainably harvested East and West Coast oysters were delicious.

Grand Banks Tribeca Chef 2

It was great to meet nationally acclaimed chef, Kerry Heffernan who creates the  Grand Banks concise menu of ingredient-driven seasonal plates.  I can’t believe I ate frog legs for the first time in my life it was delicious.  The entire menu was yummy!


Grand Banks crafts nautically inspired cocktails using fresh squeezed juices, locally sourced produce, and fine spirits; and offers a smart selection of summery wines and Champagnes.  Since you are on a sailboat it’s best not to overdue sipping champagne.


Enjoy waterfront dining, a sea breeze, and stunning panoramic views of the Hudson River, New York Harbor and the Freedom Tower this spring and summer with all your friends.

Grand banks bar tribeca

Grand Banks operates in partnership with the not-for-profit Maritime Foundation, raising money for sustainability and preservation initiatives.  And definitely one of my favorite places to enjoy friends and sunsets in NYC…





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