The {Hamptons Trunk Show} Bohemian Style

We love to curate, create and share beauty not only in the luxury homes we sell but in all aspects of life.  We are lifestyle influencers in real estate, culture, art, wellness and travel.  You know people ask me, “Claudia what do you get out of it by doing a trunkshow or having an event” … I get great joy of collaborating with uber creative amazing friends that help each other grow in what their passions are about co-branding, and its about contribution to each other’s dream and seeing the magic in that pure thoughtfulness to be a giver not a taker and seeing all the good karma multiply in each other’s lives.

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Trunk Show 6

This week we were honored to host a trunk show by some the most exclusive fashionistas with a BOHO flair and perfect for setting a scenery of carefree vibrant PHOTOGRAPHS, ART, Clothing, Accessories and an amazing DJ from HayGround playing the best house music.  THANK YOU for making it a fabulous event to dear friends at YoyaSara Beth Turner, Orchard MileRachael RuddickIvory RowIndia Hicks, Curve and Santa Marguerite for and giving us the best brands for our amazing guests for shopping and dancing to DJ Jeph at Blockstrucksart at Hayground.

Residence 8 Ackerly, Sag Harbor, New York – designed by Heiberg Cummings

Bohemian style Hamptons TRUNKSHOW Clauida Saez fromm
We welcomed our guests with a few sneak peaks of our Mexican Brands that are made by hand… Santa Marguerite.

Hamptons Trunk Show

The vibe was so BOHO…busy…. Rose, House Musci and a ton of smiles and Vibrant Colors Everywhere… Very Boho Chic.
Trunk Show

Special Guest Jennifer Gilbert and dancing and working…. Yoga owner, Cristina Villegas.


SBT Hamptons Trunk Show

Popsicles print…  SARAHBETHTURNER limited edition.
Trunk show 4

Party prepping…..  So FAB!


YOYA owner Cristina Villegas
Trunk Show 5

Curve Stylist Colton is the best…  Truly….  You must stop by in Sag Harbor.
Thank you for cling and shopping @agradone ❤️❤️❤️???????? love my #tamily sista #bohochic #bohemianstyle #trunkshow

Sarah Beth Turner
Rachel Ruddick

Rachael Ruddick….  Her bags are insane.  Love this Aussie designer.
Only for you amazing #newyorkfollowers 30x40 @sarabethturner original limited edition for your.

Sarabethturner – Photographer – Artist – WE ARE OBSSESSED with her prints.
One of my favorite dresses made by hand so colorful and chic only a few available - come today 12pm #bohemianstyle #hamptonstyle #8ackerly #8ackerly ... @yoya_nyc bag & hat @claudiasaezfromm

Claudia Saez-Fromm  Contemporary Folklore Dress and YOYA bag…
love you @mamaishaute we are having so much fun and how great are these @sarabethturner photographs for Hamptons homes..

Claudia Saez-Fromm, Sarabeth Turner print and Grace Chang owner of Ivory Row.
I dream in color... @sarabethturner love the photography matches my @yoya_nyc bag and hat.... ?????? #hohemianchic #hamptonsstyle #trunkshow #onlyifyoudreamincolor
I ❤️ these girls more than you can imagine and geez how #fab do they look... All from us to you every piece will be #hamptonsstyle #bohemianstyle #trunkshow


Hailey Binn Laura Nal

Claudia Saez-Fromm with Rachael Ruddic Paly Pink Bucketbag

Claudia Saez-Fromm Trunk ShowClaudia Saez-Fromm in Orchard Miles Eric Javits fringe hat


Claudia Saez-Fromm and Tracy Anderson

Claudia Saez-Fromm and Tracy Anderson

Claudia Saez=Fromm with Ivory Row Cashmere

Ivory Row Cashmere, Yoya hat…

Cythia Rowley, Orchard Mile.
Claudia Saez-Fromm ending the party with a dip in the pool in a fabulous Cynthia Rowley wetsuit you can purchase at Orchard Mile.

We love being lifestyle influencers with real estate and now branching off into fashion hosting the Bohemian Hampton’s trunk show. Our trunk show was held at one of the best sag harbor homes on the market 8 Ackerly Street designed by Heiberg Cummings Design everyone was in AWE of this stunning piece of real estate.

IMG_9376We want to thank all our friends and customers that came out to our Trunk Show

Contact me if you see anything you want to purchase including the amazing residence at 8 Ackerly, Sag Harbor NY @


Claudia Saez-Fromm

An entrepreneur, innovator, and singularly successful real estate salesperson, fitness fiend, foodie, mommy, and fashion fan.

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