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Top 3 Art Galleries Around 52 Wooster

If you happen to make your way around the Wooster Street are this week and are hungry for some art in your life, please use this is as your guide while threading through those brick sidewalks. Here are my top 3 picks for best Galleries around the beautiful 52 Wooster.


Right now on 83 Grand Street at Team Gallery there is an exhibit by Los Angeles artist James Crosby the exhibit is called, “Making It”. The exhibit by Crosby depicts what the artist calls, “Blackness” in a quote from the Gallery’s website, “While the works are superficially disparate – the artist works fluently with broadly varying materials – they are conceptually cohesive: each navigates the dichotomy of blackness and individuality, exploring the possibility of their mutual existence in American society.” The exhibit runs from November 17 – December 23, the Art Gallery will also be debuted in this years Art Basel in Miami, Florida.

Making It


Postmasters Gallery opened in East Village in December 1984, moved to Soho in 1989 and in September 1998 the gallery relocated again to Chelsea. In October 2013 Postmasters opened its new spectacular 4,500 square-foot ground-floor space on 54 Franklin Street in Tribeca, complete with large functional basement. Located on 54 Franklin the space is now hosting two exhibits, the first being, “Best Man” by Evan Schwartz and, “Broker” by Kevin and Jennifer McCoy. “Best Man” is a photographic series by Evan highlighting the bonding between males, while “Broker” by Kevin and McCoy is a 28 minute short film set in a seventy-seventh floor apartment in one New York City’s many Trump Towers, the film is a meticulously shot portrayal of a high end real estate broker, seen here as the physical embodiment of the constantly accelerating pitch of luxury merchandising. Both exhibits end this month on the 26th of November.



Swiss Institute is an independent non-profit contemporary art institution dedicated to promoting forward-thinking and experimental art making through innovative exhibitions and programs. Committed to the highest standards of curatorial and educational excellence, Swiss Institute serves as a platform for emerging artists, catalyzes new contexts for celebrated work, and fosters appreciation for under-recognized positions. Open to the public free-of-charge, Swiss Institute seeks to explore how a national perspective can foster international conversations in the fields of visual and performing arts, design and architecture. Right now at Swiss there is an exhibit by artist Marta Riniker-Radich called, “Every Home A Fortress Every Hearth A Blossom” comprised of drawings, sculptures, and architectural interventions, the exhibition highlights the contradictory desires and fears underpinning such movements. Another interesting aspect of the exhibit are the aspects of architecture and cleanliness. The exhibit runs form November 2 – December 18 and is located on 18 Wooster Street.

Every home a fortress every hearth a blossom

Comments by the Editor,

I have chosen these 3 galleries because they are around the newest development I am proud to be part of which is 52 Wooster and symbolize hard work, bonding, luxury, architecture, and cleanliness. These five themes associated each exhibit represent in my opinion what it means to be a real estate broker in this city we live in. When dealing with a client I believe that bonding with them and showing them that you will work hard for them establishes a mutual respect that will last forever. By showing your client a property with beautiful luxurious architecture and cleanliness or freshness this will attract your client to close on any deal. If you would like to know more about 52 Wooster please visit the website. If you would like to see more of my listing please visit the TOWN website. Other galleries I think you should check out are Afa Gallery located on Greene Street and the Drawing Room located on Spring Street.

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