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I invited my extremely talented stylist Colton Winger, who has a great eye and who pays really close attention to detail to be one of the vendors of Curved to my Hampton Bohemian Trunk Show. We established a great relationship and he provided great insight. So we met later this month where he completely edited my closet sold a portion to The Real Real and the other portion to charity. The mission was to make my wardrobe simple to live on a daily basis. And that it would be effortless for my wardrobe to transition when I am selling NYC Real Estate, going to events, picking up the kids at school or going to Tracy, to even lounging with my beautiful family.  Believe it or not Colton and Christine were able to achieve it all in 5 hours without me home.  Now that’s service!

The great thing about Colton is, he saves you money and instead of telling you what to buy I actually found that I had the pieces I needed the only thing I was missing was the essentials like, some basics to add to my wardrobe. I found the services to be extremely valuable and would recommend him to anyone I know.  Especially to my customers that are moving or in the process of selling their home.


About CUNIFORM (Colton Winger & Christine Tran)

Colton Stinger and Christine’s mission is to help all those who seek self-expression through clothing. We bridge the gap between style and personal identity to promote:

  • Authenticity
  • Self-discovery
  • Self – aspiration / inspiration
  • Connection
  • Self-esteem
  • Confidence
  • Subversion
  • Aesthetics
  • Core values
  • Transformation
  • Education

Using a sliding scale payment system Colton and his partner work directly with their clients to provide services that align with their budget to achieve a functional, beautiful, and socially responsible wardrobe. In accordance to their ethos, they also partner with local non-profits who disperse all optionally donated clothing to those in need.



Colton Winger and Claudia Saez-Fromm
CURVE SHOP SAG HARBOR, Colton Winger and Claudia Saez-Fromm


Colton Winger 3
Before Edit


Colton Winger 4
After EDIT



Colton Winger 1

For more information on Colton and Christine please visit their website and for more information on their services please click here. Please be sure to like them on FaceBook and follow the two on Instagram.


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An entrepreneur, innovator, and singularly successful real estate salesperson, fitness fiend, foodie, mommy, and fashion fan.

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