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Our friends at Luxury Attaché had the opportunity to sit down with Chef Adam Sanchez,  Executive Chef of Ladies Who Lunch Catering and Events, who had the time to of his busy schedule to speak to their team about one of his all-time favorite cheese makers, Bleating Heart Cheese. He shared his top picks and pairings:

Fat Girl Bottom

“Fat Bottom Girl.”  Calling this cheese a “win” would be a huge un understatement. Created without even a single test batch, Seana miraculously came up with one of the finest sheep’s milk cheeses produced anywhere. The strange, fat, and puffy round of cheese was a complete accident caused by early releases from the molds being used. Upon seeing the results, the “Fat Bottom Girl” was born! It has won about every award you can get including a “Super Gold” at the 2013 World Cheese Awards.

Photo Courtesy of http://www.luxuryattache.com/
Photo Courtesy of http://www.luxuryattache.com/
Pairing Notes: Rich, toothy and with hints of herbs and wild grasses, this raw milk beauty goes wonderfully with fruity light reds and rich micro brews.


Next on offer is “Funky Bleats.” As you can probably tell, these farmers have fun naming their new creations! This was the first multi-milk cheese that they produced – at 70% sheep and 30% goat’s milk, it stands as a perfect blend of richness and funk. Washing in a brine solution over the 2-3 weeks aging cycle helps to bring out a pleasant aroma and to develop a distinctive paste.

Photo courtesy of http://www.luxuryattache.com/
Photo courtesy of http://www.luxuryattache.com/
Pairing Notes: Slightly sticky, rich, stinky and creamy, “Funky Bleats” delivers on all fronts and pairs well with dry whites, champagne, or fruity Belgian ales.


While I am a huge fan of her sheep and goat’s offerings, it’s two of Seana’s newest wonders made from cow and water buffalo milk that have recently blown me away. Goldette Tommette is made from rich Jersey cow’s milk and is lightly rind washed. I find it hard to not eat too much of this, as its creamy texture, amazing aroma, and buttery tang make it one of the most expertly crafted cheeses to come out recently. Goldette is also a superb “melter” and will make the most incredible grilled cheese sandwich you can have.

Photo courtesy of http://www.luxuryattache.com/
Photo courtesy of http://www.luxuryattache.com/
Pairing Notes: The richness of this cheese will match beautifully with a medium oaked California style Chardonnay or a medium bodied micro brewed ale.


“Buff Blue” is a true anomaly. Just through sheer luck, a neighbor had extra water buffalo milk available from the production of fresh Mozzarella d’ Buffala. Not ones to take the easy path, the team decided to take this milk and go blue! As the only buffalo milk blue made in America, Buff Blue stands tall against any and all comers. I was actually a bit shocked and in awe when I opened my first wheel.

Photo courtesy of http://www.luxuryattache.com/
Photo courtesy of http://www.luxuryattache.com/
Pairing Notes: The sweet richness coupled with hints of mulch, smoke, and dry coconut is intoxicating. This stunning creation ranks among my top five favorite cheeses ever, and should be savored at the end of a meal with sweet fruit and dark beer or full bodied reds.

For more cheese options and information regarding Bleating: Heart: https://www.bleatingheart.com

Thank you for the information @Luxury Attaché 🙂

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