4 Cities With Extravagant July 4 Celebrations


Summer in the city is a festive time, filled with picnics, barbecues, movies in the park and a day off to celebrate the country’s independence. Taking fireworks to a whole new level, here are four extravagant Fourth of July events found in cities scattered from sea to shining sea.

New York City — It makes sense that the largest city in the U.S. would also boast the country’s biggest fireworks display. Returning this year to the East River for its 41st anniversary, the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks event attracts more than 3 million spectators annually. This lavish show proves that some things in the city do last longer than a New York minute.

Washington, D.C. — Red, white and boom: There’s nothing quite as patriotic as spending Independence Day in the nation’s capital at the National Mall. The event starts with a parade along Constitution Avenue and ends with the grand finale of fireworks reflecting in the pool in front of the Washington Monument.

Addison, TX — Home to nearly 16,000 residents, this Dallas suburb expands to 500,000 each year as it transforms itself into Kaboom Town. Accompanied by an air show featuring aerobatics and pyrotechnics, the extravaganza packs 3,500 pounds of fireworks into its 30-minute spectacle — reiterating that, yes, everything really is bigger in Texas.

San Diego, CA — Touted as one of the loudest displays in the country, the Big Bay Boom launches fireworks off four different barges throughout the bay. While prime viewing areas can be found close to the water, hopping in a boat near one of the barges is one of the best ways to experience the festivities that put a whole new meaning behind “let freedom ring.”


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