Talking Manhattan | Mark David Fromm & Claudia Saez-Fromm of Corcoran

A big thank you to Noah Rosenblatt of Urban Digs. We met Noah in 2009 and have seen him grow his uber market data on Manhattan Real Estate grow exponentially. It’s our go to comprehensive NYC market data for our buyers and sellers. It was a pleasure to discuss the intricacies of the market today and share our secret sauce on how to maneuver with the current market trend of a slow declining market. We sat down with Noah to discuss all aspects of today’s market….check it out below.

Today we sit down with Mark David Fromm & Claudia Saez of the Saez+Fromm Team at Corcoran. I’ve known Mark & Claudia since 2009–2010 when they operated their own firm, Mark David & Co and gave me an opportunity to show off the early stage data tools I was building with UrbanDigs. They’ve got a great pulse on the market and do tons of deals across all price sectors, which makes them perfect for an episode of Talking Manhattan!

Today’s topics include:

  • (0:43We are speaking to our sellers much more often than ever before
  • (1:16) Extract intel from buyers to pass on to sellers
  • (4:00Brokers must understand the sellers motivation
  • (7:19Stop Texting! Face time is better and more personal for clients
  • (9:04There is a flight to quality & unique character right now
  • (11:38New developments are doing “deals” right now
  • (12:26Today’s new buyers might not understand how much leverage they truly have versus 4–5 years ago
  • (14:16Market Pulse chart for resale vs new & recent developments
  • (17:21Many agents try to “buy listings” by promising aspirational prices
  • (18:56After 20 appointments you should know if you’re priced right
  • (19:37Read your buyer clients their “Miranda rights”
  • (21:47Buyers need to price in downside expectations into their offers

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