Inside the The Empire State Building’s $165 Million Renovation

The Empire State Building in New York has gone through a $165 Million Renovation and topped off the crowned jeweled of the 102nd Observatory floor with floor to ceiling glass windows where guests can step in tight to the edge of one of the world’s most famous buildings.

Kissing on the 82nd floor Mark David Fromm and Claudia Saez Fromm

This past Columbus Day holiday weekend I decided to take my dad, husband and daughter to see the newly renovated Empire State Building as it brought sweet memories of when I was 5 years old with my dad touring after we arrived from Argentina. It brought back nostalgic memories of wanting to live in NYC.

Having been spoiled being in NYC Real Estate for the past 18 years with access to every coveted view from Iconic Buildings like 432 Park, 1 Central Park West, 30 Park Place & 56 Leonard… I still can appreciate one of the most Iconic buildings in NYC – The Empire State Building.

Sofia Fromm looking for her school, Avenues.

It was fun to bring my father and watch him in awe of the live museum with surround sound theater, Empire State Movies including the famous King Kong and appreciate the dedication of the all contractors that helped build this amazing monument.

This moment was priceless.

Tickets to the 86th floor Observaotory and the 102nd floor Observory can be. Purchased here….

Have fun being a tourist in your city!

Claudia Saez-Fromm

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