How the Saez/Fromm team stays fit! Here’s our Wellness Regimine while sheltering in place!

My Quarantine Routine has been doing daily workouts with Tracy Anderson Method Livestream. Not only has it given me strength and flexibility but the daily release is vital for my balance and energy. I lost 13 pounds and maintained eating clean and staying off the carbs, sugar, and alcohol.

The game-changer for this workout were the LIVE streaming on weekends with Tracy that involved a 2-hour class with a chair, broom, ankle weights, and 3-pound dumbells.

The bonus to this work out is the amazing and worldly community I’ve gained of fitness friends. Isolation and sheltering in place with these friends have kept me going!

Shhhh, Mark David Fromm, my partner, husband, and now fitness buddy is just as much of an addict of the Tracy Anderson Method and is by my side each day at 8 am and a few times at 6 pm for the LIVE broom and chair series.

Ned Hudson – Passionate Cyclist

Ned Hudson is the cyclist on our team, and he says the lockdowns have made him a huge fan of an app called Zwift – which works with smart indoor trainers to provide “more fun than I’ve ever had on an indoor bike.  With that and a cycling coach who works remotely, Ned says the lockdown has proven to be a great opportunity to up his cycling game.

Sarah Jackson, Fithouse devotee

To keep sane/stay in shape, I stream with my favorite Fithouse teachers. I typically stick to the Barre and Sculpt classes, but since the lockdown, I have tried and enjoyed their Yoga Sculpt- I appreciate the slower pace (especially in the morning). During the quarantine, they are offering unlimited streaming for $20/month, as well as other programs that include individual virtual meetings with a personal trainer, and customized meal planning/nutrition guidance, and custom at-home workouts. As a good karma bonus, they are using their studios to support @garmentdistrictforgowns, a nonprofit organization established to help start and scale the manufacturing of medial gowns, beginning with healthcare workers in NYC.

Claudia Saez-Fromm

An entrepreneur, innovator, and singularly successful real estate salesperson, fitness fiend, foodie, mommy, and fashion fan.

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