Return To School — Or Back to the Living Room?

I just watched tonight’s DOE presentation about what the fall will look like and wanted to share what I heard. First, I was so impressed with the principals who spoke – they truly have herculean tasks ahead of them. There’s another meeting in a couple of weeks and they said they will have more info to share then. I’ll be tuning in to that.

You can sign up here:

My notes from tonight:

Check out the DOE website for info and updates:

  • Principals will be in touch with school specific info/check in with parent coordinators
  • Richard Carranza: goal is safe, strong and supportive learning – strong education, school will be 5 days a week whether remote or in schools
    Important to work together to prepare students about what school will look like, start talking to kids now about mask wearing – let kids know things will be different, one way hallways, social distance entering and exiting buildings.
  • Investigations might close schools if there are a number of COVID cases. One case school will be open but that room will close. If there are 2 cases in different rooms school will go remote for 14 days. People with symptoms need to stay home for 10 days. 
    Results of survey: 26% plan to be fully remote. 700k will be in blended learning programs.
  • Schools will institute different arrival and departure times for students to make sure there’s enough distancing.
    Teachers will have 30 minutes at the beginning of the day to work together to make sure they’re on the same page.
    20 minute teacher time built into school days for one on one support.
    PE, art, dance, visual arts  will be taught in the fall as well. DOE will provide guidelines.
  • 6600 custodians, 3000 plus electrostatic sprayers s, all buildings surveyed for adequate ventilation, some rooms will not be used. 210k signs installed at signs. 4 million face masks and 4 million cloth coverings will be delivered to schools before the school year starts. 
    If city infection rate goes up then schools will close. 3% for school to close – NYC hovering between 1 and 2% for 2 months
  • Custodians are being trained for consistency right now. Can clean a room in under 2 minutes
  • Filters have been upgraded in schools. 
  • Cleaning logs will be kept to make sure things are happening. 
  • Temperature checks – DOE looking into perhaps buying thermometers for all families so temps can be taken before getting to school.
  • Families have to say goodbye outside and not enter buildings. 
  • Mask questions: masks are mandatory for EVERYONE and must be worn properly. Non mask wearers will put into remote learning mode. Very limited exceptions. 
  • Seeking all 4 of these conditions for max safety:face coveringwashing handssocial distancingventilation
  • Principals in touch with families, especially incoming students, to make sure they have devices to work on.
  • Students be doing the same work whether remote learners or in school buildings. 
  • Schools can use google classroom or ilearn NYC but can also choose other online systems. 
  • All students in school will have breakfast and lunch available. Remote learners can pick up meals as well.
  • Days will be slightly shorter to allow for staggered comings and goings from building.
  • iPads need to be returned when kids graduate so they can be used by other students. 
  • Remote student teachers will hopefully be teachers from that school. 15% of teachers have requested accommodations which means 11,300 teachers will not be in schools. In person staffing will be a challenge.
  • Parent coordinators will be trained to help with technology.
  • Looking on how to use outdoor space more.
  • Some arts can happen in person but things like band cannot and will be remote. 
  • Remote learning will be much better than it was than the spring. 
    One high school example: Fort Hamilton HS: 400 students a day will be in person so they can monitor when kids move between classes. They have a student body of 2300. Hallways and staircases will be one way. Will be scanning kids into school and checking temps AND social distancing. Lockers: they will not be using. PE will be mindfulness as opposed to physical activity. Subways: monitors will be outside to help with social distancing.
  • There will be opportunities to opt in or out of remote or blended learning as the school year progresses.


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