Yoga On the 100th Floor a la Hudson Yards… And Other Outdoor Fitness Classes To Consider

As many of you know, health and wellness is extremely important to me. I continue to look for options that allow me to be outside while also staying active. I have compiled a list of fun classes, including my very favorite–yoga at the Edge in Hudson Yards. Make sure to book your class before they close for the season.

You can now workout on top of the highest observation deck in the Western Hemisphere

Yoga is known to be grounding, but how about grounding your chakras from the tippy-top of NYC? Edge, the tallest outdoor observation deck in the Western Hemisphere has teamed up with Equinox gym to bring New Yorkers a fitness class 1,100 feet in the sky.

The morning yoga class series, which costs $50 a session, includes a one-hour yoga class with Equinox on the outdoor sky deck, a yoga mat to use for class, and a 30-minute window after the class to take in the 360-degree view at Edge. (Be sure to stand over the stomach-dropping glass floor.)

You can book a class on Tuesdays or Wednesdays at 9am or on Fridays at 7:30am. All sessions are available to the public—you don’t need a pricey Equinox membership to get in on these.

If you’ve yet to experience a workout class since March, here’s what Edge is doing to keep visitors safe. First, all class-goers must sign a printed health declaration and have their temperatures taken upon check-in.

Yoga mats will be laid out 6 feet apart and face coverings are required at all times throughout the visit (except while on your mat during the class). Be sure to dress accordingly — it’s cooler and breezier than you’d expect.

You can snag tickets every Friday at noon for the following week here

Other classes to consider include:


SURFSET® New York City specializes in total body workouts inspired by one of the world’s most athletic sports – surfing! You will work similar muscles and skills used surfing in a fun, core-focused workout that will challenge you from head to toe!

With a custom-made surfboard designed to mimic the instability of being on water, you will increase your stability, enhance your cardio capabilities and strengthen your body (especially core) in the most effective, functional ways possible.

SURF & SHORE Classes: These are surfboard and mat-based classes. These circuit-based classes focus on cardio and strength intervals with workout stations that incorporate different beach tools – from our signature surfboards to sand weights to volleyballs.

Gabby NYC Fitness

Welcome to Gabby NYC Fitness! She developed her love for health, beauty, and an active lifestyle while she was a teen in her home country Bolivia. Having a 9-5 (or 7-7) office job in Finance, she always made time to be physically active, run a few races and complete a triathlon.

After years of being a student both in class and lots of reading on her own, she decided it was time to share how she feels about wellness and fitness. Years later the opportunity to become a BBBC® coach came about. Join her for a butt kicking session so you can experience smart training with her! You will not look back!

Hannon Strength – Washington Square Park

Celebrity Personal trainers Lu Faustin & Joe Hannon melt your body into shape at this intense, high-energy weekly bootcamp in the park. Join a lively group on Saturday mornings for cardio and resistance training in the sunshine. Embrace the pain.

High interval based cardio style training using just your body to work up a sweat, burn fat, and build muscle. Targeting each part of the body one exercise at a time. A workout that is rhythmically composed and set to leave you feeling not only tighter and stronger, but energized and accomplished.

These Saturday morning workouts will have you earning that (virgin) mimosa at Balthazar!

A Tribe Called Sprinters

They are an underground, unorthodox fitness community that uses speed training and sprinting as a medium to achieve the highest levels of fitness and performance. There is a transformative power in speed training and sprinting. Their workouts are out-of-the-box and progressive.

Mom In Balance – West Thames Park

Mom in Balance offers outdoor workouts to stay fit & active during and after pregnancy and beyond! Their mission is to support as many moms (to-be) as possible in building a strong, energetic life foundation. They do this together with their network of positive women. When you are feeling physically and mentally good about yourself, it is easier to make the right choices, to work on your personal ambitions and enjoy your family.

Claudia Saez-Fromm

An entrepreneur, innovator, and singularly successful real estate salesperson, fitness fiend, foodie, mommy, and fashion fan.

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