Raise a Glass to Summer: Mocktails to Try in NYC

Fouquets NYC bar
Picture Credit: (@fouquets.newyork) Fouquets NYC bar

There was a time when my New York Happy meal consisted of a martini and fries. Trading in the martini for a mocktail has empowered me to be my most present self. 

Fouquet’s Blueberry Yuzu Mocktail

With every spring’s arrival, I embrace a cleanse to prepare for the forthcoming summer. As this summer approached, I realized that the benefits of sobriety far surpassed the allure of post-work drinks. Upon eliminating alcohol, I discovered mornings infused with refreshing vitality and a newfound ability to embrace my optimal well-being.

Mr Chow Tribeca restaurant
Picture Credit: (@MrChow) Mr Chow Tribeca restaurant

For me, the epitome of enjoying a mocktail is by sipping it from a chilled martini glass, which channels that exquisite cocktail allure while elegantly avoiding any adverse effects.

My two favorite mocktails grace the menus of beloved Tribeca hot spots, Fouquet’s and Mr Chow. As a frequent diner at both, my preference for the elevated experience of savoring mocktails from a chilled martini glass is a request they never fail to cater to.

Picture Credit: (@MrChow) Mr Chow Tribeca virgin Lychee Martini

The Blueberry Yuzu mocktail at Fouquet’s in Tribeca masterfully blends sweetness with a citrus twist, crafting an ideal daytime refreshment. For evening out with friends or family, the virgin Lychee Martini from Mr Chow’s reshapes the classic cocktail.

Claudia Saez Fromm at Fouquet's in Tribeca
Claudia Saez Fromm at Fouquet’s in Tribeca
Claudia Saez-Fromm

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