Your End of Summer Getaway Awaits-Teranka, Formentera

Formentera Ocean View
Picture Credit: (Claire Menary). Beach at Teranka Formentera

Concluding your summer in style, Formentera beckons as the ultimate destination, with Teranka Boutique Hotel emerging as the quintessential haven to complete this unforgettable chapter.

The last time we were in Formentera was in 2018 and we fell in love with the sister Island to Ibiza. Our next adventure will be at Teranka, the new Bohemian addition to Playa Mignon just steps away from our favorite restaurant 10Punto7. Whenever I embark on a travel journey, the allure of the hotel’s design aesthetic exerts a magnetic pull on my choice of accommodation. 

Teranka Formentera, Boutique Hotel View
Picture Credit: (@terankahotelformentera). Teranka boutique hotel view.

The name Teranka resonates with a promise of unparalleled luxury and boundless charm.  Nestled within a sheltered beachside estate, your gaze is treated to the breathtaking spectacle of turquoise waters and the embracing canopy of pine trees.

Creating a serene, meditative ambiance, Teranka warmly welcomes its guests to unwind and engage in introspection. The gym and yoga deck, thoughtfully positioned outdoors, offer a visually captivating backdrop that complements the rejuvenating experience.

Teranka boutique hotel pool
Picture Credit: (@terankahotelformentera). Teranka boutique hotel pool.

Condé Nast Traveller says it best with: “The goal? To inspire a slower pace of life, disconnection from the outside world and a chance to enjoy Formentera for exactly what it is: a protected natural environment where being present is not just a moment but a way of life.”

Teranka boutique hotel exterior.
Picture Credit: (@terankahotelformentera). Teranka boutique hotel exterior.

Teranka’s architecture blends seamlessly with the natural beauty of Formentera. The boutique hotel is 18+ and has a perfect synergy between relaxation and sophistication.

Picture Credit: (Juan Martin). Vert Mer restaurant at Teranka Formentera

Comprising a mere 35 rooms throughout the expanse, each room possesses its own enchanting character.  You have the privilege of selecting your favored backdrop—whether it’s the tranquil sea, lush forest, or sweeping panorama. As for me, my heart is forever set on a room with a view of the sea!

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