Studio 54: Night Magic- Baby it’s back!

Starting March 13th — July 5th… I’m sure one of these dates will feel safe eneough to forget about the Corona Virus and experience a night of Magic at the Brooklyn Musuem with Studio 54 Exhibition.

March 13–July 5, 2020 | Brooklyn Museum | Brooklyn, NY

Courtesy of Gold Star, always knowing the hottest events in NYC, checkout the newest Studio 54 Brooklyn exhibition details below.

Studio 54: Night Magic traces the radiant history, social politics, and trailblazing aesthetics of the most iconic nightclub of all time. The exhibition evokes the excitement of the historic nightclub through extensive photography, fashion, drawings, film, and never-before-exhibited costume illustrations and party invitations. With a focus on the artistic achievements of those involved, the exhibition showcases the diverse artists, musicians, fashion designers, and photographers whose contributions came to define the 1970s disco culture.

Studio 54: Night Magic uses photography, fashion, drawing, and film, as well as never-before-exhibited costume illustrations, set proposals, and designs, to place the nightclub within the wider history of New York, from Prohibition through the 1970s. Blueprints and architecture models illustrate the club’s innovative development and creation, while documentation of extravagant theme parties traces its 33-month run. The exhibition continues through the years after the nightclub’s closure, showing the ongoing influence of Studio 54 aesthetics.

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