Canvas & Cuisine at the Parrish Art Museum

Memorial Day Weekend in the Hamptons fell short of nothing but the excitement New Yorkers had of amazing weather and social gatherings.

I was so proud of my friend Aliya Leekong spearheading an enchanting event “Canvas & Cuisine” which marked the intersection of food and art, showcasing the beauty of both disciplines in a stunning evening at the Parrish Art Museum.

The setting was nothing short of magical, with the museum aglow under a canopy of lights against the backdrop of a foggy evening. We were treated to a visual feast upon arrival, greeted by the breathtaking scenery that surrounded us.

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At the heart of the event was the Parrish Art Museum’s “Art of Food” exhibit, featuring a collection of food-related works from the Schnitzer Foundation. This exhibit provided a fitting backdrop for an evening dedicated to the culinary arts. It was a testament to the power of creativity and collaboration, bringing together artists, chefs, and wine connoisseurs in a celebration of culture and community to enjoy the festivities and raise money for this incredible institution.

A Culinary Masterpiece by Chef Angie Mar

Curated by the talented Chef Angie Mar of Restaurant Le B NYC, the dinner menu was a masterpiece itself. Each dish was thoughtfully crafted to complement the artistry on display, offering a symphony of flavors and textures that delighted the senses. Paired with wines from Sotheby’s Wine Private Collection, selected by Master of Wine Vanessa Conlin MW, the culinary journey was nothing short of extraordinary.

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Hosts with Flair and Expertise

Guiding guests through this culinary adventure was my talented friend Aliya LeeKong — a chef, cookbook author, television personality, and mother, who brought her passion for global and socially conscious foods to the table, infusing each dish with her unique flair. Meanwhile, Joey Wolffer, owner of the renowned Hamptons winery Wölffer Estate, adding her expertise in wine, Meanwhile, Joey Wolffer, owner of the renowned Hamptons winery Wolffer Estate, adding her expertise in wine, elevating the dining experience as co-host.

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A Gathering of Influential Figures

This star-studded event attracted big names from the fashion, art, and culinary industries, including renowned designers, influential artists, celebrated chefs, and other cultural luminaries. It was a gathering of creative minds and influential figures, coming together to celebrate the intersection of art and cuisine in the heart of the Hamptons. One of my favorite designers, Catherine Holstein, owner of the brand Khaite, was in attendance.

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A Final Toast to Creativity

Canvas & Cuisine at the Parrish Museum was a perfect blend of art, food, and wine, offering guests an immersive and unforgettable experience. This magical evening set a high bar for future events, showcasing the best of the Hamptons’ cultural and culinary scene. As the summer unfolds, we look forward to more events that celebrate the art of living well.

Photo Credit: BFA Images Matter

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