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Are you looking to buy, sell, rent, or invest in a New York property?

From co-founding Mark David NY 10 years ago to my new role at TOWN Residential, I’ve found that the perfect way to share happiness is to help someone find their dream home.  Having experienced thousands of transactions with 80+ agents, nothing ever compares to the satisfaction of each client’s experience .

You may be a first-time buyer, a longtime owner selling your prized possession, or a savvy investor seeking a great value.  In any case, I strive to provide utmost quality experience for you in New York Real Estate. My goal is always to apply my knowledge, experience and resources to help you reach your unique goals.

I have not only been a renter, buyer and seller but have worked on multitude of transactions in owning a NYC real estate firm.  My past experiences in the Fashion and Investment Banking industries have given me a wide range of know-how on lifestyle and getting to the bottom line in negotiations.  These experiences shaped me into the results-driven entrepreneur and agent I’ve become.  It is my honor to be a people builder in this city, and I’m so thankful for every opportunity to make a client feel encouraged and valued.

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Sample testimonial:

Dear Claudia,

I wanted to send you a note thanking you for your excellent work in finding my family a loft apartment.  Having owned a home for ten years, I’d forgotten how challenging and frustrating an apartment search can be.  So I started off doing some web-based searches and quickly learned how much that is posted on the web can be misleading and inaccurate.

Having heard that three bedrooms are hard to find, I went into a bit of a panic.  Very fortunately, I had a friend who had successfully used your services and recommended I work with you.

I found you to be a terrific listener in our first contact by phone, but was still nervous you would show us apartments that weren’t appropriate for family.  The day after our initial conversation, the buyer for my home offered to close by year-end, which was a huge advantage given the impending fiscal cliff, but this would only work if we could move out by the end of the year.

Our first meeting with you was on December 1st and I assumed there was no way we could find an apartment on time, given that we had 17 days of travel planned for December.  You didn’t waste a second of our time.  Based on our initial conversation, you apparently carefully screened the available inventory, because all of the apartments you showed us that day were viable.  They weren’t all perfect for us, but they were definitely worth viewing.  And we liked the fourth loft you showed us well enough to commit on the spot.

We are now back from our travels, having moved out of our house and into the loft apartment between trips in mid December.  While there are still lots of unpacked boxes, it already feels like home and my family is very happy here.  And, given that Congress just raised the capital gains tax rate by 5%, we were lucky to be able to close our house sale in December!

Finally, I wanted to mention how great your colleague Ed Fabila was throughout the process.  He was incredibly efficient, accommodating and good natured as we scrambled to get everything together in lightning speed.  You are fortunate to have Ed on your team.

You were both a great pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend you and your firm.

Best wishes for a happy 2013!

Warmest regards,