The {Real Estate} Life at MDNY

I’m so blessed to have a career and a company that I love being a part of every single day.  The agents at Mark David & Company are like family, and I so enjoy the trust they put in both Mark and me to shape their careers.  There’s a lot of hard work at MDNY, and also a lot of fun, but most importantly we build relationships: with each other and with each client that walks through our door.  Not only do we give our agents the tools and hone their skills to help clients find just the right home, but we instill in them the value of continuing those relationships past the clients’ moving-day, and the stories our agents have to tell are beyond inspiring.

Here’s a little look into the {real estate} life:

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If you’re looking for a new career, and relationship-building piques your interest, read on…

Mark David & Company has an extraordinary company culture: innovative, personal, creative, and focused on the success of their agents.  A hybrid agency, Mark David agents work in both Real Estate sales and rentals, giving them access to the best of both worlds while they learn the business.  New agents are trained by experienced agents at the company, and everyone works as a team rather than in competition with each other.  Leadership assists the agents with marketing, helping each agent to find his or her niche and market.  Because Mark David is a family owned business and there is no corporate structure, agents can run their own business the way they want to, avoiding red tape and other limitations that most New York Real Estate companies face.  When the industry changes, which it does often, the whole company can adapt easily.  Agents are taught that success comes from building remarkable relationships in New York Real Estate.

The culture at Mark David is apparent, from group movie nights to the physical set up of their SoHo loft: very open with glass partitions.  The agents can literally see the CEO and COO in their office spaces, indicitave of their “come on in and talk with me!” attitude.  The company’s agents, many who have been there nearly all nine years since Mark David was founded, can’t imagine building their careers anywhere else.  “If I want to work for a big company, I could right now,” claims an agent who has been at the company eight years, “but here I can think long term. We are all entrepreneurs under the Mark David umbrella.  The structure here allows us to do our job the best way possible.”

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Claudia Saez-Fromm

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