The {West Chelsea} Life featuring Sandra Alvim

Yesterday I stopped by the West Chelsea home of my client-turned-friend, Sandra Alvim, an astrologer, writer, and beauty expert.  Her book, Yes I’m 58, is evidence of the healthy and fit lifestyle that Sandra lives.  And, as she told me while we chatted, West Chelsea is the perfect neighborhood for such a lifestyle.

CSF: Tell me what made you choose to find a home in Chelsea, NYC? I remember we were looking elsewhere, and (Sandra’s partner) Fernando was working over here and he loved it, so we said, “Why not look in Chelsea?” Right?
SA: Yes!  I love how you nailed down the type of lifestyle we wanted to achieve and pointed us in the right direction.  We loved working with you and Mark!  West Chelsea is perfect for us.  I like that it’s quiet here, yet we are so close to everything.  I don’t even take a cab anymore.  We just walk! There are so many restaurants, and we’re right by Meatpacking.  The people, too. It’s a very diverse neighborhood for Manhattan. And it’s a beautiful neighborhood.

CSF: Your home looks beautiful!  What is it about your apartment that made you decide to choose that home?
SA: The kitchen.  I wanted something very modern and clean. I love the marble countertops. And the shower! (It has double shower heads and seats).

CSF: Of course!  That shower style is unique to this building.  You can’t find that everywhere in New York.  What does Chelsea offer as a neighborhood for your lifestyle? You eat real foods, very healthy, and fitness is important to you.
SA:  Equinox is right here, and plenty of places for good food: Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, the Fish Market on the corner of 9th, Morimoto on 10th has great Japanese, or Momoya (on 7th) for lunch.
CSF: Have you been to Hotel Americano?
SA: Yes! I love brunch on the rooftop at café Americano, or there’s a jazz band downstairs in the winter.  Also, from here we can ride bikes up  the west side highway to 100th.  Or over the Brooklyn Bridge, have lunch dinner, watch the sunset, and ride back.

CSF: What does a typical day look like for you?
SA: Wake up, go to the gym, shop for fresh food maybe twice a week, fruits and veggies, go to the fish store.  Then work all afternoon writing for my website, blog, or facebook or meeting with clients.  Fernando comes home, we visit on balcony, shower, have dinner at the table, watch TV on the projector – the Brazilian channel sometimes.  We look at his pictures from his work or I show him something I wrote.  My sister is visiting now and I’m going to take her on an art tour around the neighborhood.
CSF: Thank you for letting me come by!

I snapped some pictures of Sandra’s home so you could all see how beautiful it is!  She has wonderful taste.  Sandra and Fernando created the built-ins you see, and the extra closet space in the bedroom.  Her plants, both inside and on the balcony, come from a Chelsea shop that makes it easy for you to plant and grow things in your home, whether or not you have Sandra’s green thumb!

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