Happy {Valentine’s} Day with Jewelry Designer Bianca Pratt

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Fall in love with Bianca Pratt in a special Valentine’s Day Q&A!

I met my friend Bianca Pratt first as a workout buddy at Tracy Anderson’s studio, and I’ve been lusting after her jewelry ever since.  The simplicity of her pieces creates a very classic style that looks great on any woman and would make a perfect Valentine’s gift, even if for yourself!  They are also great pieces to wear in business, for they’re not ostentatious.  I sat down with Bianca at her Tribeca loft, which mirrors the classic beauty of her work, to talk about the New York life, mommyhood, and how she creates a “balancing act” in her life.

CSF: What first drew you to the Tribeca lifestyle? To your Tribeca loft?
BP: I wanted to raise my son in Tribeca because the schools are good, the neighborhood is safe, and the community is tight-knit. My sister and her family live in a loft of their own around the corner from me. Our closeness means I’m an important part of my nieces’ lives. I love spoiling them with all the girly stuff I loved as a kid like Hello Kitty toys, Barbie dolls, and hair clips. I love the wide, cobblestone streets and loft-feel; to me it’s very creative. I love seeing how people take once-industrial spaces and create their own, unique homes within.

CSF: What are some of your favorite things to do in Tribeca?
BP: Tracy Anderson is a huge part of my life (it’s a combination of muscular moves that are constantly changing and dance routines). I love it because I’m such an active person by nature, always on the go, and going to the studio forces me to concentrate and be totally in the moment. I also work up a sweat which I think is really healthy, especially living in New York City with all of the toxins we’re exposed to daily. Most importantly, I just love to dance! I love going out to eat and drink with friends in the neighborhood. There are many restaurants and bars with their own personalities and cuisines, from casual/diner to multi-course fancy/high-end. I love meeting people for drinks at the Greenwich Hotel which I’ve been going to for years. I love entertaining in my own loft. For my birthday back in October my opera singer friend came by and lit up the room with his range; it was pretty amazing!


CSF: You’re a mommy to a teenager! What has your experience been raising a child in New York City? How has that changed as he’s grown?
BP: Growing up in New York City makes kids grow up really fast. On the positive side, I’ve been amazed at how mature he is at such a young age. At 13 years old he acts like a grown man! On the other hand, splitting my time as a kid between Brazil and Canada meant I spent a lot of time running around in nature, either on the beach or in the mountains, and I would have loved to have had it been as easy for my son to have some of the same

CSF: I know you to have always been a creative person! You’ve been an actress, and you come from a family of artists. What inspired you to start a jewelry line?
BP: It was one of those stories of fortunate timing; I was modelling and acting in LA in 2005. It was right before pilot season (typically quieter than other parts of the year), and I became inspired by a cross necklace that my sister gave me as a gift. Once I started sketching and designing I couldn’t stop! And the rest is history…


CSF: Congratulations on being featured on Gilt Group! I love that site!! What’s next for Bianca Pratt Jewelry?
BP: I’m so excited to be back in Barney’s in April! I will have a range of designs and the new collection is fun, dainty, and flirtatious! My sisters and friends love to layer my pieces as it gives an extra beachy feel. Moda Operandi has also been a huge support for my business.

CSF: This year on The {New York} Life, we’re celebrating “the balancing act” of so many powerhouse New York women. What’s a typical day like for you? How do you fit everything in?
BP: My days fly by! I’m a born multi-tasker, and can be on two cell phones and my email at the same time; it’s hard for me to sit still! I’m constantly on the go, typically going to four offices in the jewelry district in one day. I can’t even count how many times I’ve passed the same guy selling “real Rolex watches, for you I make a good price;” I’m like, “c’mon, I’ve walked by you for six years…you’re not gonna start fooling me today!” I also make workouts at Tracy Anderson and spending time with friends over a good meal and wine top priorities. Raising a teenage son also has its set of challenges, and sometimes I’m pulling my hair out trying to get him to go to Korea town to get frozen yogurt with me.

Shop Bianca’s jewelry for yourself or your Valentine at biancajewelry.com!


Claudia Saez-Fromm

An entrepreneur, innovator, and singularly successful real estate salesperson, fitness fiend, foodie, mommy, and fashion fan. www.claudiasaezfromm.com


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