{Creative} Little Hot Spot!

Creative Little Hot Spot!

We’re the idea…….Meet Spring Place, one of the new and hottest clubs for creatives in amazing New York. Here we meet, work, visualize, and dream. Sipping wine, at Spring Place creatives join to discuss their weekend, the Hamptons, the “ecosystem” and beyond.48924527.cached-1Photo by Adrian Gaut & The Daily Beast

It has been less than a month since Spring Place officially and quietly opened, and the club seems dedicated to making sure things remain quiet, according to The Daily Beast.

An accessible community for the world’s creative talent, Spring Place it’s a place where inspiring minds within the creative industries can come to work, host and create; this workspace is a singular level of service, design, and resources throughout – shared and private workspaces, conference rooms and dining rooms. Here you can entertain, relax and expand your mind. “

48924527.cachedPhoto by Adrian Gaut & The Daily Beast

This creative hot spot has 1,400,000 square feet over three floors, two for business and one for pleasure—with its soaring ceilings, Brazilian-brutalist concrete walls, blackened steel, and midcentury furnishings, as mentioned my The Daily Beast. With a variety of membership fees and tiers, once you go through the screening process this is the best place to experience global diversity and get introduce to expand your network within the creative culture.

“Here, the distance between your next inspiration and its reality is simply an introduction. This is your meeting place. And our coffee is fantastic!” – Spring Place

48924527.cached-2Photo by Adrian Gaut & The Daily Beast

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