Infinity Rooms Are Now In NYC!

Yayoi Kusama, the popular Japanese artist whose Inifinity Rooms are an Instagram sensation, is  bringing her share-worthy exhibits for a limited run in New York. The show will be open from November 2 to December 16 at David Zwirner Galleries. Find Festival of Life at 525 and 533 West 19th Street in Chelsea, and Infinity Nets at 34 East 69th Street on the Upper East Side. Check out photos of the exhibitions below, and click here for full details.

Photos courtesy of DavidZwirner.comInfinity Room

Starring two major exhibitions, Festival of Life and Infinity Nets…Kusama will display 66 paintings from her My Eternal Soul series, as well as large-scale flower sculptures, a polka-dotted environment, and two Insta-worthy Infinity Mirror Rooms.

Yayoi Kusama Loneley for EternityThe first room, called “Lonely for Eternity,” is decorated in mini light bulbs to create a hexagonal pattern and can only be viewed from a peephole.

Infinity Mirrored Room – Let's Survive Forever 2=3

Another room incorporates stainless steel orbs, called “Let’s Survive Forever” where visitors can experience the work from within. This is one of the most popular installations.Yayoi Kusama With All My Love for the Tulips, I Pray Forever

“With All My Love for the Tulips, I Pray Forever” is an all white room dotted in red featuring three large sculptures of tulips. At first glance the sculptures blend in completely, but once in the room it turns into “a three dimensional phenomenon.”

Yayoi Kusama

The Upper East Side gallery will feature Kusama’s Infinity Nets paintings, famous for its thick layers of paint applied with rounded brushes. These paintings are other works are for purchase.

David Zwirner


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