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Having a career selling high-end New York City real estate entails a lot of strategy, however the one aspect that is always key is de-cluttering and organization. Enter The Neat Method. The Neat Method specializes in home organization and moving that brings comfort, efficiency and style to your home.

What I love most about their work is that they organize your closets, cabinetry, etc. in a way that is designed to integrate organization seamlessly to how you live, and not how they think you should live. I highly recommend their services; they are top notch in home organization.

As embarrassing as it may be, here are before and after photos of my own closets:The Neat MethodThe Neat Method



























Below are before and after shots of one of my newest client’s house, which is currently on the market:

the neat methodthe neat methodthe neat methodthe neat method
NEAT Method is glad to offer readers of The New York Life one complementary hour of organizing when 8 or more hours are purchased.
Contact the Neat Method today – see why they have been featured in Vogue, Forbes and The New York Times!



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