Aspen Adventure: Connecting with Real Estate Leaders

I am thrilled to share my recent journey to Aspen, courtesy of Douglas Elliman! This exhilarating opportunity allowed me to connect with the finest minds in real estate from top colleges nationwide, all amidst the breathtaking beauty of Aspen’s snowy landscapes.

The sheer beauty of Aspen is simply awe-inspiring, and my experience there was truly unforgettable. As someone who had never been particularly fond of winter, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself falling head over heels for this charming city. From the stunning weather to the warmth of its people, Aspen completely won me over.

Exploring the picturesque streets lined with snow-covered trees and quaint boutiques was a delight. The crisp mountain air and the peaceful surroundings provided the perfect backdrop for engaging conversations and meaningful connections with fellow real estate professionals.

One of the highlights of my trip was meeting incredible individuals who share a passion for real estate and a drive for success. The opportunity to exchange ideas, learn from each other’s experiences, and forge new connections was invaluable.

As I reflect on my time in Aspen, I can’t help but envision bringing my entire team, the Saez Fromm Team, to experience the magic of this place. I believe that immersing ourselves in such an inspiring environment would not only strengthen our bond as a team but also fuel our passion for excellence in real estate.

I am deeply grateful to Douglas Elliman for making this unforgettable adventure possible. Their unwavering commitment to providing exceptional experiences for their agents is truly commendable, and I eagerly anticipate the adventures that await us. Our time in this Rocky Mountain paradise was cherished, and I extend heartfelt thanks to Howard Lorber, Scott Durkin, NYC Elliman, and Colorado Elliman for welcoming us with open arms. The connections and memories made during this trip will last a lifetime, creating unforgettable moments with the most talented colleagues.

Claudia Saez-Fromm

An entrepreneur, innovator, and singularly successful real estate salesperson, fitness fiend, foodie, mommy, and fashion fan.

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