Arley Marks Elevates Home Entertaining with Creative Fountain Cocktails

Image Credit: Dena Yago

At a recent event celebrating the opening of Laura Gonzalez’s gallery, guests were welcomed by mixologist Ashley Marks, who mesmerized everyone with a fountain pouring Negronis. These fountain cocktails are not just for water; they are a selection of creatively crafted drinks that showcase the innovative touch of Arley Marks.

Arley Marks, known for his inventive mixology and beverage design, brings a unique flair to the world of fountain cocktails. Going beyond traditional punch bowls, his creations transform the act of drinking into an experience. Imagine a stunning centerpiece that serves delicious cocktails and becomes a talking point, seamlessly blending with your home décor.

As a co-owner of Honey’s, the tasting room and cocktail bar for NYC’s first meadery, Arley has perfected his craft with drinks that engage all the senses. His fountain cocktails are no different, offering a blend of flavor, presentation, and interactive entertainment. Whether you prefer a classic martini, a refreshing spritz, or a custom creation tailored to your taste, Arley’s fountain delivers.

More than just mixing drinks, Arley’s fountain cocktails create an atmosphere where every pour is a special moment. They elevate any gathering into a sophisticated affair, allowing guests to enjoy their favorite libations while appreciating the artistry of a beautifully designed fountain.

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Image Credits: Anne-Marie Halovanic and Lucia Bell-Epstein

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