Life and Real Estate in NYC after Hurricane Sandy

New York is a city like no other place on earth!  We have had our fair share of storms, literal and metaphorical, and always come out on top.  That’s one of many things that makes me so proud to be a New Yorker.  This week has been a challenge for us all.  In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many of us lost power and have to stay with friends or in hotels.  Our businesses are closed or maybe we can’t get to work.  Some people’s homes were flooded and they lost everything.

Coming from a Real Estate perspective, my heart is extra heavy.  We know families who are more than just temporarily displaced – they have lost their homes, and with the damage to downtown Manhattan the process of finding a new home will be slow and challenging.  Many basements flooded (ours!), lobbies, and even residential floors of buildings that will have to be assessed and most likely the rental or sales listing prices will be affected.  Mark and I are eager to be back in the office to get to work helping people get settled once again, but we can see that this will be a slow recovery process for the Real Estate market.

But, as always, when the time calls for it we come together like family.

Us Fromms are so grateful to lifesaving friends like Karla Milan SaladinoFlávia Braga Corsalini and Enrico Corsalini, who let us use their showers, their electricity, and their beds over this past week.  We are blessed not only to be New Yorkers but also to have such selfless and hospitable people in our lives.  I’m also thankful for the family time we’ve had together, as even when it’s unplanned, it’s precious.

With extra sentiment behind it this week I can really say, I love you, New York.

Here are some articles to check out regarding the hurricane aftermath:
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How to Help our city recover! 

Taking a look at Sandy’s handiwork.
Flood waters filling up New York.
Family time by flashlight!
Water pouring into a parking garage.
This construction site was completely flooded.
The overpass in Battery Park City.
The view off our balcony, post flooding and still without electricity.
Insult to Injury: A now-iconic picture of water flooding the World Trade Center site.
New York, caring for each other.
The Fromms arrive in Park Slope!


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An entrepreneur, innovator, and singularly successful real estate salesperson, fitness fiend, foodie, mommy, and fashion fan.

  1. Such an inspiring post ! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all
    I felt sadness a nd happiness seeing your pics , keep us the great work and LOVE your blog , i Love you New York !

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