The {New York} Life: Q&A with Stephanie Hirsch

It has been such an honor to get to know Stephanie Hirsch lately.  I was initially wowed by her genius work branding Soul Cycle, making cycling so cool, but even more so am I in love with her colorful, vibrant and chic artwork and inspired by her spirit!  We sat down this week to talk about Stephanie’s work, her New York lifestyle, and what 2013 holds for her.


CSF: How does the city of New York inspire your art?
SH: New York City is a world unto itself! How could you not be inspired??? I am inspired mostly by the people that live here and what makes them tick. I am always searching for the truth in life and by observing and constantly engaging with all different types of people I see the truth of life reveal itself. I channel this into my art.

CSF: I can tell you are an observer of people, and very aware of yourself as well, always learning and growing!  I try to be the same way.  What do you love most about living an artist’s lifestyle in New York?
SH: The freedom to reveal my outer and inner self.


CSF: You just designed a crown for Erno Laszlo for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee that was featured in the window of Harrods! What was that experience like?
SH: It was huge honor!

CSF: That wasn’t your first foray into the fashion world. How has fashion played a part in your work, over the years and now?
SH: When I was a fashion designer I lived in India and learned from the artisans how to bead and embroider. Unbeknownst to me this would be very practical and beneficial for me as an artist. I am able to utilize the skills I used on a large scale. Beading and embroidery to me are the best tools to express the message I want to convey.

CSF: Your book Mother Nurture: Life Lessons from America’s Best and Brightest is about your experience being a Mommy to Hunter. What do you love most about being a mommy in New York?
SH: I love that as a mom of 2 amazing boys I can take them to do sports in the best park in the world (Central Park) or to one of the many cultural institutions this great city has to offer.


CSF: What is the art piece you feel the most connected to?
SH: I connect most with “Who Will Save Your Soul” because truly the only person who can save you is YOU.

CSF: You work hard to stay fit and healthy! What is your favorite way to work out in New York?
SH: SoulCycle – it keeps me inspired because it works your outter self and inner soul!

Learn more about Stephanie and her work at


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