The { Real Estate Life }: Jardim, an Urban Oasis

The { Real Estate Life }: Jardim, an Urban Oasis
With three bedroom units under $5MM


A project that we’re grateful there is still room for is Jardim, an otherworldly two tower building on West 27th Street, designed by the Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld.

Jardim FacadeBoasting the same monumentality of Weinfeld’s other projects, albeit in a more urban form, Jardim cuts a striking figure with its private driveway, ample gardens and simple, monolithic structure that creates a distinct break from its surroundings.
Jardim Entry

The driveway – an artful tunnel made from bricks – stretches through the site to connect 27th and 28th streets.

Jardim Driveway

Rendered mostly in brick and concrete, Jardim’s warm, tactile appearance is enhanced by the addition of latticed wood screens and a generously planted second-floor terrace that envelops the site

Jardim Pool

Glass skylights in the terrace allow natural light to filter through to the residence’s swimming pool and gymnasium below.

Jardim Greatroom

The apartments themselves are an elegant mix of smoked oak, marble, brass and limestone, for which panoramic windows looking out onto Manhattan provide the perfect backdrop.

Jardim Master Bath

At almost every juncture, Jardim displays a graceful sense of restraint that imbues the spaces with a quiet dramatic tension.

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