The {Gratfeul} Life: 2016 A Look Back

2016 What a year it has been…
Putting aside politics, markets, price fluctuations, world events, and the various ups and downs of the past year, we are incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work together with so many wonderful and thoughtful clients and partners and especially TOWN Residential for providing the tools and support we need to succeed in all we do. Thank you all for an amazing year, our best is yet to come and more fruitful ways that are beyond the numbers. All of our transactions keep us on our toes in problem solving and negotiations, but most importantly the value is where our customer is truly fulfilled with our effectiveness and that is the truly rewarding experience we strive for. Here are a few highlights of 2016.

Honorable Mentions:

Townhouse at 111 West 13th Street: With ten years on the market on and off with different brokers our clients, “empty-nesters” believed that they were living in a property that couldn’t be sold and that their property was jinxed. Our sellers were in pursuit of a more suitable lifestyle. Our sellers dreamed of selling their home and living in a smaller home in Manhattan so they can also have a beach home in The Hamptons. With many twists and turns on this deal, also nominated for REBNY deal of the year, we were able to successfully sell their home this past summer and make our clients, “empty nesters” dreams come true.

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101 Warren, Unit 3220: On February 12, 2010 we sold it for $6,763,382  in a sponsor sale. On October 6, 2014 we sold it for $11,650,000 in an off market transaction to our client and dear friend which was the first and only person we showed it to ($3,839 a square foot). On November 3, 2016 we sold it for $13,150,000 also an off market transaction to again, the first person we showed it to ($4,334 a square foot). We sold it for the highest price per square foot in the entire building, which was in a challenging sales market. Our seller was very satisfied with our guidance on the timing of the market. To our knowledge this was the highest price per square foot ever paid in the history of the building. This is where our knowledge of the market and connections were vital.


445 Fifth Avenue, #Ph33a: With a good eye for finding a rarity in this concrete jungle we call New York City, Cindy Gallop who has always had the reputation from making something out of nothing was confident in us to be able to find her a new place after we sold her, “Black Apartment”. After working tirelessly with her we were able to get her into the “Sky Apartment”. We were successfully able to find her a great building with a doorman. Both the deal and the property were sweet in a place not so sweet in TriBeCa. The seller was a hoarder and you can barely see the square footage in this unit. However, at this stage in Cindy Gallop’s life, she wanted coveted outdoor space and this apartment delivered 3 outdoor terraces, which sold for $2,100,000. It will be named “The Sky Apartment.”

*No photo available as of yet.”

53 Greene Street: 53 Greene was our first new condo development project at TOWN Residential. We worked endlessly to find the unique buyer that would appreciate having the kitchen being on the second floor surrounded by a 2,000 square foot terrace and the bedrooms downstairs with a grand living area. 53 Greene was a truly stunning penthouse with a very specific buyer in mind. We have a deep appreciation for the developer’s vision, artistic intellect and business savy mindset. The sale of this unit consummated a wonderful relationship.


88 Clinton Street: In the world of new developments, we recently launched 88 Clinton and successfully leased these units under 2 months in one of the most challenging rental markets in a decade and that was true when it came to Loft 88 we were able to lease all 7 units. Not only were we able to do that, but we were able to establish a new luxury rental niche market in the Lower East Side. We absolutely honored to work with such a talented and wonderful visionary.

Tim Waltman

Class Divide: 3 years ago in West Chelsea I was approached by Mike Farah to contribute to a documentary done by Marc Levin to contribute as a mom in the neighborhood who had two children one, in a Private School the other child, in Public School (P.S. 33) and he saw my insight as a resident for 9 years at the time and also as a real estate broker beneficial to the Class Divide documentary. I must say it was truly amazing to be part of such an amazing documentary created by Marc Levin. The premise of the documentary is to show the divide of the income of Chelsea and the interviews presented in the film show both the luxury and the struggle to live in one of Manhattan’s hottest neighborhoods. Also, how we socially co-exist from different economic classes. We were happy to be part of this film that raised awareness of diversity in emerging neighborhoods. To view the documentary, click here.


Tracy Anderson: Fitness guru, Tracy Anderson has been a trainer and a friend of over seven years. We were honored to have found her new TriBeca studio at 271 Church Street. What is most important to me is that my husband and I brokered the deal. We were thrilled to find our good friend, Tracy a great location that accommodates her. Check it out and see what all the fuss is about! Experience the Tracy Anderson Method yourself…New Year, New You!


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