Travel Spotlight: Islas Secas

Islas Secas provides environmentally conscious, world-class experiences that connect you to the natural beauty and ecological abundance of Panama’s wild Pacific Coast.

Courtesy of Islas Secas

Islas Secas is 100% powered by natural energy. They aim to create a model for sustainable tourism, “combining exhilarating recreation and effortless luxury with a strong ethos of environmental stewardship and community support.”

Courtesy of Islas Secas

Good cause reasons why it’s on our bucket list:

  • Sustainable tourism
  • Environmental stewardship
  • 100% powered by natural energy
  • 100% of the food waste is recycled
  • 100% of wastewater is re-used for irrigation

Islas Secas is 14 islands 20 miles from civilization, welcoming up to just 18 guests at a time offering a true escape from the outside world.

Courtesy of Islas Secas

Other than pure relaxation, the island offers a litany of activities. Their dedicated Adventure Concierge can help you navigate your options: whale watching, water sports-snorkeling, kayaking, boating, naturalist and marine tours showcasing wildlife, and private beach to boot.

Learn more about Islas Secas here!

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