The {FIT} Life: Tracy Anderson Detox 2013 and Living Well

The Tracy Anderson detox week that I participated in last year was incredible and this summer was just as unforgettable as the last! What an amazing group of motivated, inspiring women I was honored to share the experience with. Here, I’ll share with you a little bit of my Detox Week experience.

First, here’s what Tracy’s website has to say about the program:

As you know, there's no better way than these life-changing weeks to cleanse and reset your system, all while acquiring the knowledge, support, and tools to continue your physical transformation back home.
While participants can expect to lose anywhere from 7 to 12 pounds during the detox, weight loss isn’t the sole goal: Through two-hour daily workouts, meal prep training, empowering lectures, and Q & A sessions, attendees emerge with a comprehensive understanding of how best to take care of themselves and how to continue their metamorphosis through the Tracy Anderson Method back home. The week also includes gift bags and daily trunk-shows at our beautiful Watermill location.

Each afternoon, we showed up at Tracy’s studio and kicked off the morning with a lecture from Tracy. Topics spanned from why we eat the way we do, to how to make our workouts more effective.
Tracy Anderson Watermill StudioThen we took part in training sessions – from mat workouts to my favorite; dance – for the next several hours. One thing that makes Tracy’s workouts so effective is the unique way she uses muscle, and so many different props to stimulate our minds in being uncomfortable doing the challenging workouts.
Evan Lee Breed & Claudia


Sonya Chodry & ClaudiaLast year, one of my biggest challenges was the dietary component of the program – I’m such a foodie! But the habits that I learned last year have changed my body in such a way that now I can truly appreciate food in its purest form.  This year, my biggest challenge was adjusting to having no coffee.  After a few days of headaches, I’m so glad that I’ve given my body the chance to purge all of the toxins and feel fresh and healthy!
TAM Detox 2013 Day 4I love to eat; it’s probably the number one reason I work out, but during Detox Week our meals were limited to what we were given and nothing more. Most days this was a light salad, a fruit or vegetable, soup, protein shake, and the dressings and seasonings they shared with us were phenomenal! Check out Tracy’s site for more information on her nutritional program.


One highlight from the week, though, was that my family was there! We got to spend the afternoons playing in the pool with the kids, or exploring the shops and playground in Southampton.
Claudia & Tyler*I am not a fitness expert, I am a fitness fan! For more information about the Tracy Anderson Method, or which program or product will work best for you, please visit
TAM Watermill StudioThe healthy lifestyle is not just about what you eat or how often you work out. Making choices that benefit our long-term quality of life can be applied to every aspect of life – even real estate!  The  homes on East 11th Street that will soon become available are perfect examples of how wellness can translate into your environment.

According to the New York Times:

The five health-centric residences are at 66 East 11th Street, an address where living well is, to recycle a throwaway line attributed to the 17th-century poet George Herbert, about to become the best revenge. Construction is under way; the first loft is scheduled to be habitable in September.
The purest air and water and the most intense soundproofing are promised: there is a buildingwide water purification system; filters will screen out air pollutants, allergens and toxins; and a circadian lighting system will stream energizing light in the morning and melatonin-enhancing light in the evening. Then there’s the posture-supportive flooring system and the WELL Shield coating, which destroys bacteria in the kitchen and bathrooms.

See the full article HERE.

East 11 Street

I love to integrate health and wellness in every aspect of my life – from working out, to eating, to raising my children and to my career. And I want to do the same for anyone with whom I work so send me an email and let’s live well together!

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An entrepreneur, innovator, and singularly successful real estate salesperson, fitness fiend, foodie, mommy, and fashion fan.


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