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Due to the hectic real estate schedules we are under it’s hard to make time to eat well unless you are preparing the night before.   One eatery I’ve really been enjoying for my weekly fuel to fit all work and mama needs is Springbone.  The broths are delicious and surprisingly filling.  The gluten free pasta and meat-sauce is yummy, and their iced drinks are a welcomed change from the typical bodega coffee. Read more below from about Springbone, and the benefits of bone broth!

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Bacon n’ Eggs or a bloody Mary? No, this isn’t some brunchtime Sophie’s Choice—rather, it’s what you’ll find on the menu at Springbone Kitchen, the new Paleo-centric, bone broth-obsessed restaurant opening today in New York City. The West Village spot takes the trendy beverage (popularized by Brodo and spread by cult-favorite spots like Mimi Cheng’s) to the next level with flavor combos that are way more meal-worthy.

Think smoked pork broth poured over a free-range egg (that would be the aforementioned Bacon n’ Eggs), or zoodles and meatballs (grass-fed, natch) paired with a tomato-beef broth sauce ($6-$10). More plant-based than primal? Springbone also offers boneless seaweed miso broth as a base ($4-$7). And for serious sippers, there are even options featuring golden milk, turmeric puree, bloody Mary mix, or a Bulletproof-inspired dollop of butter ($5-$9).

“The flavor of broth permeates and enhances the flavor of additional ingredients,” Springbone head chef Andrew Novak says of the inventive combos you’ll find on the menu (alongside healthy favorites like avocado toast and chia pudding). “The savory undertone of broth works well across a range of flavor spectrums, and gives us the flexibility to play with all types of add-ins.”

Like many, co-owner Jordan Feldman was skeptical about the bone broth buzz at first—until he gave it a shot after a knee injury was still bothering him despite months of physical therapy. “After a couple weeks of a cup of daily broth, my knee started to noticeably and rapidly improve,” he says. (It’s even replaced his daily cup of coffee.) Springbone’s executive chef Karl Wilder (formerly of Nawlinz) experienced its healing effects too. “I have asthma and have found that it really helps reduce the inflammation in the bronchial passages,” he says.

Those who don’t have time to linger at the communal oak table can grab broth to go (along with other wellness must-haves—from natural toothpaste to boxing gloves—all stocked by the register). The goal, notes Feldman, is to give always-on-the-run New Yorkers a place to enjoy fast, bone broth-based meals. “I was a busy young professional trying to be as healthy as possible and I couldn’t find restaurants that met my standards of truly clean ingredients,” Feldman says about the concept behind it. “Bone broth was the perfect focal point, as it takes many, many hours to make at home, so we’re giving people the opportunity to make this incredibly nutritious food as part of their daily routine.”

And a tasty one, at that.

Springbone Kitchen, 90 W. 3rd St., New York, NY 10012, 917-301-8263,

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